Learn what it means to be a “(S)hero”

Inspiring (S)heroes™, an uplifting half-day of learning, will take place Thursday, May 25, 8 a.m. to noon, in Building 240, Conference Room 1416. Sponsored by Argonne’s Women in Science and Technology program, Fermilab Women’s Initiative and Fermilab Society of Women Engineers, the workshop is open to all employees at Argonne and Fermilab.

A (S)hero is someone who is motivated to inspire women and encourages them to be (S)heroes to others. (S)heroes are the women who hold up the world universally, and more often, hold us up in our individual lives.

Workshop participants will learn ways to:

  • Expand their network of powerful, spirited women and men
  • Take ownership of their own careers
  • Commit to supporting the success of all women at Argonne and Fermilab
  • Gain insight about ordinary women among us doing extraordinary things

The program will be presented by Maureen O’Brien, CEO of Global Women’s Leadership Forum (GWLF). In 2009, O’Brien launched GWLF, a certified Women’s Business Enterprise, focused on positioning Women’s Business Resource Groups as significant business levers and effective contributors to the leadership talent pipeline.

Click here to register. Deadline to register is Friday, May 19.


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