Leadership Institute resources are for everyone

By Lisa Durham, Director, Argonne Leadership Institute

One of the questions I’m often asked is: “Are the Leadership Institute’s programs only for scientific staff or supervisors?” The answer is no. The Leadership Institute’s programs and resources are for all employees.

At Argonne we believe all individuals possess leadership abilities that can benefit both themselves and the laboratory. The Leadership Institute was established to help cultivate these abilities in employees at all levels. Through both formal and informal programs the institute strives to assist employees in areas including leadership development, mentoring and promoting a more diverse workplace and inclusive culture.

We have developed and continue to develop customized curricula to increase the competencies and readiness of the laboratory’s current and future leaders as well as programs to foster a collaborative and inclusive community. In October 2016, for example, we piloted a workshop called “Creating a More Inclusive Environment: What Does It Look Like?” More than 180 employees attended. We’re refining the workshop and will offer it again this year.

The Leadership Institute also is home to the laboratory’s Postdoctoral Program, which helps early career scientists and engineers fully develop their skills by offering mentorship, training and opportunities to lead.

In an effort to formalize and strengthen Argonne’s bonds with universities nationwide, we’ve created a University Partnerships Program. The goal is to proactively engage a strategic set of universities to expand Argonne’s workforce pipeline and to create new professional development opportunities for Argonne staff.

Besides formal programs and workshops, the Leadership Institute also provides resources individuals can use on their own to assist with their professional development and to learn more about creating a collaborative and inclusive workplace. Through the Leadership Institute, Argonne is a member of a number of organizations including Catalyst and Women’s Leadership Edge. Visit the Leadership Institute Web page to learn more about these organizations and the resources available — including free webinars — on topics such as recognizing unconscious bias, how to be an ally to the LGBTQ+ community and inclusive leadership.

Another resource is the Leadership Institute’s Insights page. Our goal is for this page to be a compendium of resources, including short videos, tips sheets and stories in the media which may provide food for thought. I invite you to visit this page to see what we’ve posted so far and to visit regularly to see what’s new as we continue to develop this resource.

For more information on all of our activities, visit the Leadership Institute Web page, or please feel free to share your ideas with us at [email protected].

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