The Leadership Institute provides many tools and resources for professional growth, and the list keeps growing. These include seminars, workshops, training programs, publications and more.
The following are just some of the information and enrichment resources available to employees.

Not Sure Where to Start?

No problem! We are here to help you identify what you need and how to move forward.

Whether it’s one-on-one time with someone who can help you determine a course of training, figuring out how to connect with a mentor or locating a professional development publication with key information, our staff are experts at guiding you to what you need.

To get started, call 630-252-6034 or send us an email message at [email protected].


The Leadership Institute provides Argonne employees with access to the resources of Catalyst, an organization dedicated to creating workplaces where employees representing every dimension of diversity can thrive.


Women's Leadership Edge

Argonne employees have access to Women's Leadership Edge, which provides resources and practical evidence-based tools to enable organizations to effectively retain, support and advance women from within.