Leadership Institute adds second session of Managerial Skills Series

Due to high demand, the Argonne Leadership Institute has scheduled a second session of its Managerial Skills Series workshops which focus specifically on supervisory and managerial competencies. It will begin June 9.

This sequenced curriculum of workshops is designed to help transform great supervisors and managers into exceptional leaders. It will feature both experts from throughout the laboratory as well as external facilitators to help participants develop and hone their managerial skills.

The series is recommended for staff new to management, those wanting a refresher and for frontline supervisors. Managers who have recently joined Argonne also will benefit from immersion into the laboratory’s culture. Anybody who is directly responsible for someone else’s performance coaching is considered part of the target audience.

It is strongly recommended participants attend all eight sessions unless they have previously attended one of the classes. Each session is approximately half a day in length. The schedule for the second session is:

June 9: The Hallmarks of Supervisory and Managerial Success (ALI200)

Participants will learn how to:

  • Manage their transition to a supervisory role
  • Outline actions required to build credibility
  • Identify strategies to tap into the commitment of others
  • Create a clear connection between departmental and organizational goals
  • Plan for a conversation to build a constructive relationship with their own managers and gain managerial support

Facilitated by external consultants from AchieveForum. Learn more.

June 21: Listening in a Hectic World (ALI201)

Participants will learn how to:

  • Make better decisions about how and when to spend their listening time and energy
  • Demonstrate curiosity and open-mindedness when listening to others
  • Manage internal and external distractions more effectively
  • Identify the outcomes are seeking in any listening interaction
  • Listen to negative feedback non-defensively
  • Manage the flow of conversation with someone with a tendency to get off track

Facilitated by external consultants from AchieveForum. Learn more.

July 11: Inclusive Leadership (ALI100)

This course focuses on specific competencies which create a sustainable culture change around diversity and inclusion. The class looks at five strategic skills necessary to connect with a wider scope of individuals. They are:

  • Networking – expanding our circle with those who are different
  • Sensitivity – awareness of our interactions
  • Calibration – adjusting for differences and altering our approach
  • Advocacy – taking a stand and addressing inappropriate behavior
  • Positive expectancy – Assuming the best of others and acting on it

Facilitate by external consultant Ralph Brandt of RDR group. Learn more.

Aug. 7: Clarifying Performance Expectations (ALI202)

Participants will learn to set and reset performance expectations swiftly and in a straightforward manner by learning to:

  • Identify when a performance expectation discussion is necessary
  • Respond effectively to questions and concerns people have about work priorities and goals
  • Use the key actions to hold a productive discussion about expectations
  • Clarify expectations in a way that increases employees’ ability to manage more of their job responsibilities on their own

Facilitated by external consultants from AchieveForum. Learn more.

Oct. 3: Managing Employee Issues at Argonne (HR643)

This workshop provides supervisors and managers a clear understanding of the laws governing the workplace and the translation of those laws into Argonne procedures. Participants will learn to:

  • Identify some key employment laws that guide workplace conduct
  • Explain and apply Argonne policies
  • Respond to difficult employee issues
  • Identify resources available to supervisors at the laboratory
  • Complete documentation as necessary for employee issues
  • Understand the role of bargaining units at Argonne and the grievance process

Facilitated by Argonne’s Darryl Howe (HRS) and Dan Raker (LEG). Learn more.

Sept. 11: Delegating for Shared Success (ALI203)

Participants will learn and apply skills for delegating in a way that gets results. They will learn to:

  • Identify reasons why they might not delegate as often as they could and what to do about it
  • Align delegated tasks and assignments with the most appropriate people to compete them
  • Demonstrate steps for an effective delegation conversation
  • Identify follow-up actions to facilitate employee progress, growth, and ensure results

Facilitated by external consultants from AchieveForum. Learn more.

Sept 25: Influencing Outcomes Through Others (ALI204)

Participants will improve their ability to prepare and communicate in ways that persuade and inspire others to act differently. This will include:

  • Understanding the five steps for engaging others to gain support and momentum
  • How to frame ideas, proposals and requests from the listener’s perspective.
  • Applying a range of strategies to ensure spoken messages are compelling and easy to understand
  • Developing collaborative plans to move forward

Facilitated by external consultants from AchieveForum. Learn more.

October: TBD based on feedback from participants

Participants can enroll through the Training Management System (TMS):

  1. From your training profile, click the “Enroll in an Elective” button. The “Course Finder” window will appear.
  2. Enter the “Course Number” of the course you wish to enroll in.
  3. Highlight the chosen course, which will appear in a dropdown list, and click on it.
  4. The “Enroll/Unenroll” window will display. Identify the course session you wish to attend, and click the “Enroll” icon.

The staff of the Leadership Institute believes the development of leadership doesn’t “just happen.” The goal of this series and all of the Institute’s curricula is to positively impact people’s lives and careers by following a disciplined, objective and purposeful process for leadership development.

The Leadership Institute’s approach to training and development is based on the premise that creating an excellent environment for all staff will provide the impetus for achieving superior and innovative solutions to the grand challenges of our time. The Institute ensures continual development of both organizational and individual staff capabilities by focusing on the long-term and relying on a broad set of implementation actions to create the desired culture. This culture includes the active support and participation of senior leaders in all aspects of organizational development activities.

Argonne’s mission is to “to create new knowledge that addresses the scientific and societal needs of our nation,” and it is the Leadership Institute’s goal to give supervisors and managers the tools to do just that.

For more information or if you have questions about enrollment, contact Laura Altergott (LI), Senior Leadership Development Manager, ext. 2-9137.

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